Friday, October 5, 2007

Visual Rhetoric and Sequencing

The term sequence is defined in the dictionary as being a series or series of connected acts. Also, sequence can be defined as something that follows or a sebsequent result, series. or consequence.

Sequence is very important in not only this cartoon, but many other advertisements and works of literature as well. The sequence of something can be defined as the series of connected acts. The sequence can change or alter a work of literature tremendously. In this particular carton, the sequence is very beneficial to the meaning of the work as a whole. In the cartoon, the author is demonstrating the effects that smoking can have on a person and how those effects develop over time. Basically, the author shows the sequence in which a smoker becomes addicted. Then relates that sequence to the sequence of global warming. Overall, the political carton is really effective because it demonstartes how dangerous things such as global warming and smoking can be. If the sequence were to be changed the cartoon would also be changed tremendouly; therefore, this carton highly demonstrates why sequence is important.


KC said...

That was a good example of sequencing. As you go from panel to panel, it seems as if time progresses and the character slowly realizes the problem that he has with his addiction until it is too late. The final added panels relates to the usage of gasoline. The point it is trying to make is to discourage people from smoking and using gasoline.

Thomas said...

Good job on the demonstration. I also like the fact that you had the guy contradicting himself because hes "addicted". This shows how people will say things to back up their actions no matter if it is wrong or not