Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thank You For Not Smoking..:)

Unlike many of the students in class, I have never watched the film entitled “Thank You For Not Smoking.” We began the film today and I already have a very positive view of the film. Basically, the film tells the story of Nick a man who works for a prominent tobacco company. Nick is a lobbyist and it is his job to promote cigarette smoking even though it may be harmful or dangerous to people. My favorite character in the move thus far is the man’s son. The son is young; however, he is probably one of the more intelligent people in the movie. He is very observant of his father’s and other behaviors around him; therefore, he knows a lot of information. He is very experienced for his age. Just in the segment we watched today it is easy to see that the father could learn a lot from his own son. My favorite part in the movie thus far is also the discussion between the man and two of his friends. His two friends like him are lobbyists. There jobs are to promote drinking and the use of firearms. One of my favorite parts in the movie are all the examples of irony. It is funny how Nick is portrayed as a man with morals and a loving father, but he promotes something that is considered immoral like cigarette smoke. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and it uses of pathos, ethos, and logos.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Are traditions a big part of student life on Clemson University's campus?

My thesis for my photo essay was Are traditions a big part of student life on Clemson University's campus? From the photos in my essay I hoped others would be able to tell that yes, traditions do play a big part in student life on Clemson's campus. The first picture in my video is a picture of Calhoun Mansion. The tradition behind this particular house is that students who want to graduate should not walk through it. It is said that if you are to walk through this house before graduation you will not graduate. The second picture is a picture of the cannon fired at every Clemson football game. The firing of the cannon has become a tradition because it is fired everytime the Tigers score and when they run down the hill. Football games would not be the same without the firing of the cannon. The next picture depicted in my video is a picture of students holding a banner. This picture shows the tradition of the First Friday Parade at Clemson University. The parade has been around since 1974 and the parade is always held on the first friday afternoon before the first home football game. The next picture shown in my video depicts the tradiiton of homecoming. The picture is of a float made during Clemson homecoming. Homecoming at Clemson has been a tradition since 1914 and since that date Clemson students have always gathered on Bowman field to construct Homecoming displays that are judged on gameday. The next picture is of the Military Heritage Plaza that overlooks Bowman Field at Clemson. Military excellence has always been a proud tradition at Clemson since Clemson was first founded as a military school in the 1880's. The plazza overlooks Bowman Field and is a rememberance of the tradition of military excellence at Clemson. The next picture depicts a football player rubbing the rock. Rubbing Howard Rock has been a tradition since September 23, 1967 when coach Frank Howard let the team rub the rock for good luck . Ever since that game the tradition has been continued and the rock is supposed to bring good luck to the Clemson football players. The next picture in my video is of the Clemson football team running down the hill. This tradition first started when Clemson football players dressed in Fike Field House and were forced to run down the hill to enter the field. Now, players dress on the opposite side of the stadium but still run down the hill for good luck and to keep Clemson traditions alive. Clemson students and fans alike have learned to love the running down the hill tradition. The last picture in my video is of the Thomas Green Clemson Statue. Students uphold the tradition of not reading the plaque on the front of the Thomas Green Statue. Overall, all the pictures depicted in my photo essay are very symbolic and important images around Clemson University's campus. I believe all the pictures can definetly represent that fact that traditions are an important part of student life on campus!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Visual Rhetoric and Sequencing

The term sequence is defined in the dictionary as being a series or series of connected acts. Also, sequence can be defined as something that follows or a sebsequent result, series. or consequence.

Sequence is very important in not only this cartoon, but many other advertisements and works of literature as well. The sequence of something can be defined as the series of connected acts. The sequence can change or alter a work of literature tremendously. In this particular carton, the sequence is very beneficial to the meaning of the work as a whole. In the cartoon, the author is demonstrating the effects that smoking can have on a person and how those effects develop over time. Basically, the author shows the sequence in which a smoker becomes addicted. Then relates that sequence to the sequence of global warming. Overall, the political carton is really effective because it demonstartes how dangerous things such as global warming and smoking can be. If the sequence were to be changed the cartoon would also be changed tremendouly; therefore, this carton highly demonstrates why sequence is important.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ethos, Pathos,Logos...:)

This is my example of visual rhetoric!
In this advertisement, all three forms of character appeals are shown. The first and most obvious appeal used is ethos. The creator of the advertisement's decision to use the ethos appeal was based on the fact that both girls featured in the advertisement are famous. Both Beyonce Knowles and her sister, Solange Knowles have starred in many movies and are both avid song writers. The creator of this advertisement realized the ethos based appeal would be highly effective because many people recognize and even admire these two celebrities. By showing the two celebrities with milk mustaches, it may influence buyers to purchase the milk. Also, the creator of the advertisement uses the pathos based appeal. The advertisement appeals to the emotions of happiness and family bonding. The two girls are sisters and by showing them bonding over something as simple as milk may inspire buyers to purchase the milk for their families. Also, it shows the two girls displaying beautiful confident smiles. By doing this, the creator is giving buyers the impression that milk gives you the confidence to be happy in everyday life. Fianlly, the creator uses the logos based appeal to catch the buyers attention. The product that is being advertised is milk; therefore, it is easy to use logos based arguement because milk is something that is healthy. It is logic to buy a product like milk because it contains vital nutrients that help the body and by showing these two girls with great bodies it gives the buyers the notion that milk helps you gain this type of body. Overall, this is great example of visual rhetoric because it uses all three character based appeals;therefore, it is highly effective.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Piece about myself as a writer:)

Writing is something that has always come naturally to me. Writing is not necessarily something I enjoy doing, but I dont believe its one of my weaknesses. However, I do know that I need to develop a more complex manner of developing my thoughts. I tend to understand the broad overview of many things, but often forget to analyze the more vague or underlying message. I am hoping to improve in this area of my writing. Also, I believe another one of my weaknesses in writing is my flow of words. Often times, I skip from one topic to another with no connection at all. I really need to concentrate on focusing on one topic at a time so the reader can better understand what i am talking about. I also to to include larger vocabulary and better transition sentences. One area of writing I believe is my strength is correcting gramatical errors and improving sentence structure. Often times, after revising and editing my essays I realize I have made many gramatical errors; however, they are easy to correct because I believe I have relatively correct form when it comes to grammar. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my writing skills, but i know there is a lot of room for improvement.