Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ethos, Pathos,Logos...:)

This is my example of visual rhetoric!
In this advertisement, all three forms of character appeals are shown. The first and most obvious appeal used is ethos. The creator of the advertisement's decision to use the ethos appeal was based on the fact that both girls featured in the advertisement are famous. Both Beyonce Knowles and her sister, Solange Knowles have starred in many movies and are both avid song writers. The creator of this advertisement realized the ethos based appeal would be highly effective because many people recognize and even admire these two celebrities. By showing the two celebrities with milk mustaches, it may influence buyers to purchase the milk. Also, the creator of the advertisement uses the pathos based appeal. The advertisement appeals to the emotions of happiness and family bonding. The two girls are sisters and by showing them bonding over something as simple as milk may inspire buyers to purchase the milk for their families. Also, it shows the two girls displaying beautiful confident smiles. By doing this, the creator is giving buyers the impression that milk gives you the confidence to be happy in everyday life. Fianlly, the creator uses the logos based appeal to catch the buyers attention. The product that is being advertised is milk; therefore, it is easy to use logos based arguement because milk is something that is healthy. It is logic to buy a product like milk because it contains vital nutrients that help the body and by showing these two girls with great bodies it gives the buyers the notion that milk helps you gain this type of body. Overall, this is great example of visual rhetoric because it uses all three character based appeals;therefore, it is highly effective.


Leigh said...

This is a strong argument on how this advertisement appeals to the audience. I agree with your points and think you made the point very clear. Good Job!

Andy Bajoczky said...

You did a really good job in describing each of the appeals that the ad uses. You were very clear and remained brief.